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Solid by nature

Granite writes in its inside a rough history of the Earth. From the thousands years of changes in the crucible of Earth born a solid, precious, beautiful stone with the infinite richness of colours. Granite has accompanied human since the down of history, and thank to its features it finds hundreds of applications. Nowadays, it is often used us the building material with the perfect microclimatic advantages, and also as the tombstone material.

The custom of covering the tombs by the stone slabs has survived by the thousands of years. The world was changing and is still changing faster and faster, but there is still a deeply rooted need in us to give the tribute to our ancestors and give  the place of their final rest an unique character. We are proud of having part in this primeval rite.

Solid in business

We are the biggest granite tombstones importer in Poland. We started our activity in this business in 2000 importing granites from around the world. We supply mainly in the India, RSA, Brazil, China, where we have our proven suppliers, who offer the best quality raw materials. From the beginning to the end we keep guard over the extraction process, treatment, production, packing and transport, just to provide our Clients with the best quality products, while keeping the LOWEST price on the Polish market.

We offer tombstones in a wide range of styles, finishing and colours. In our offer You will  also find  some elements from tombstones accessories.

We invite You to CARO, to Gostynin!

Development of the Company

From 1st July 2012 till 30th of September 2013 there was a realization of the project named „The implementation in the CARO Sp. z o.o. Company, the system connecting the features of CRM and EPR and also connected with it, the online shop with the online designers modules and sending the projects.”
No. of the project: RPMA.02.03.00-14-089/11
Project value: 758 541,00 PLN
Endowment value: 308 350,00 PLN

The realization of the present project enabled the implementation in CARO SP. z o.o. of the innovate information and communication technology, facilitated contact with the client by new communication channels and also offering non- standard, making according to the client’s products.

„dla rozwoju Mazowsza”


The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Regional Operational Programme of Masovian District 2007-2013  and from the state budget.

Source information on the Regional Operational Programme of Masovian District 2007-2013  are:


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